Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An invitation from Pixelversity (Andrew Paterson) to the members of Public School and Nomadic Academy

I write to welcome you & other Public School or Nomadic Academy
members (please forward) to the two upcoming Pixelversity events that launch this years programme:

Su 13.3. 'Networked Culture and Education Circle',
Klo 16-17.30, Kultur Kontakt Nord office on Suomenlinna, as part of
this year's Pixelache Festival.

In my own experience of teaching Digital Media Culture course in
Metropolia, at Aalto TaiK/Pori/Medialab and elsewhere, as well as
organising workshops for various cultural festivals in Helsinki, I am aware of the subtle and overlapping relations between formal education courses in art/new media/cultural management and also that which takes place informally in the cultural scene.

I hope to use the occasion of an open circle gathering during the
festival to launch the Pixelversity programme, and invite related
local educators such as yourself to gather together. It will also
ideally be a chance to meet with festival guests who are interested in education at different levels.

The occasion will be set up as an unstructured and open forum, with
discussion in english. Welcome to bring questions to add to the query:
What role do festivals and cultural organisations have in education?
How can organised networks provide curricula? Do you know techniques
for transdisciplinary or undisciplinary studies? What and where do you wish to study and how do they connect?.. What can be Pixelversity?

You do not need to have a Pixelache Festival pass to attend the
Pixelversity gathering. If you agree to attend and confirm your
presence, I'll be happy to hear from you in advance.

Event info:

Ma 14.3. 'Edward Shanken presents Contemporary Art and New Media:
Towards a Hybrid Discourse'
Klo 18-19.30, Room 822. (8. Kerros / Floor), Aalto University School
of Art and Design.

Furthermore, as a collaboration with Media Department Research at
Aalto TaiK, I welcome you to attend a guest lecture by art historian
Edward Shanken on his current research, with the topic 'Contemporary
Art and New Media: Towards a Hybrid discourse'.

It is free for anyone to attend.

Event info:

(Note: Edward will also be in presence at the sunday open circle event)

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