Thursday, March 19, 2015


The sixth AAVE Festival celebrates the plurality of moving images by films, video art, live performances  and exhibitions. TAITE-seminar on art & technology will be organized in The Finnish Museum of Photography 10.4. 11 - 15:00. Welcome!
The exhibition program will start on Tuesday 7.4. 
Silence-Fiction (FISH, Alppikatu 17, lh 2) will bring together two works by acclaimed artist MIKA TAANILA. In Cycles (Oksasenkatu 11) three artists JUHA VAN 
INGENMARKO) VUOKOLA and JANNE SÄRKELÄ will lead you to the cycles of images and sound. 
The day of the exhibition opening will turn into the NIGHT OF THE BEAMERS, a participatory pop-up event.
Our screening program highlights at the cultural centre Malmitalo include the 35mm film screening of Aleksander by acclaimed Polish visual artist and filmmaker WILHELM SASNAL and ANKA SASNAL. The small retrospective of Finnish artist DAVE BERG and two celebrated stereoscopic films by Italian ZAPRUDER FILMMAKERSGROUP are accompanied by the anthology film 3X3D (JEAN-LUC GODARDPETER GREENAWAY and EDGAR PÊRA).
This year our Live Cinema program will be organized in the new venue WHS Theatre Union, where  NATALIA KOZIEL & PETTERI KALLIOMÄKIHELSINKI SOUND-ELECTRONICSANNA ESTARRIOLAROBERTO PUGLIESE and ELENA’S IDEA(Yuko Takeda, Pekka Sassi & Veli-Matti Saarinen) will be performing.
Welcome to our festival warm-up event at The Finnish Museum of Photography on Wednesday 8.4. at 6pm and to our screening opening at the cultural centre Malmitalo on Thursday 9.4. at 6pm. At the warm-up event you’ll be able to meet artists HEIDI TIKKA and DAVE BERG and to experience Berg’s 3D work using an Oculus Rift –virtual reality helmet. (Advance registration, inquiries and accreditation wishes for press and festival organisers to
Have some great ghostly sessions!
Wishes from AAVE team
While exhibitions, festival warm-up event, seminar and Night of the Beamers stay free of charge, we have included a small admission fee of 5 euros to the screenings and the Live Cinema-shows (whole evening at WHS Theatre Union includes 3 shows for 10€). All rights to program changes are reserved. The festival is organized by non-profit associations Kaiku ry, Nomadic Academy of Experimental Arts and Malmitalo / Helsinki City Cultural Office.

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