Saturday, April 11, 2015

  • The midpoint of the AAVE festival ( was yesterday. Today we continue our journey seeing the world as another, partly unconscious planet. It´s strange and unpredicted relations can be the source for hate, and for love.
  • On Saturday and Sunday in AAVE Malmitalo tickets to three screenings cost only 3e+3e+3e if bought from Malmitalo. Use the password AAVETARJOUS. Today in Saturday the first film we will screen is Aleksander by Anka and Wilhelm Sasnal. 35 mm copy!

  • SATURDAY 11.4.
  • 15:00 ALEKSANDER BY ANKA AND WILHELM SASNAL in Malmitalo Cultural Centre (10 min by trains I, K, N and T from Helsinki City Railway Station).
  • Wilhelm Sasnal is one of the most acclaimed contemporary Polish visual artists. This documentary film is also made with a painter´s sensible touch understanding the moment, it´s shadows and tones... that´s why it is essential to see in film format. In his visual art practice Sasnal refers to many influences. He belongs to the strong tradition of the Polish painting and graphic design history, being himself also a graphic novel artist and drawing influence in his paintings from the goth and heavy metal album covers, the music that he loves. Aleksander is a sister work of the film "It Looks Pretty from a Distance", 2011.

  • "We filmed a diary of these trips. It wasn’t done on
  • a regular basis, but we wanted to describe the life
  • of the people we met there, arrange their reality
  • somehow. We had a plan, with clear-cut roles for
  • ourselves and them, and a camera we could hide
  • behind. One day, it turned out that the camera
  • no longer separated us, that our heroes stopped
  • noticing it. And then we got so close that we
  • couldn’t help but succumb to this reality. This film
  • is about us, too.”
  • -Anka Sasnal

  • 16:30 MADNESS AND CIVILIZATION BY TEEMU MÄKI in Malmitalo Cultural Centre
  • Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE produced last year a great piece of video art. It was Teemu Mäki´s audiovideo version of a radio drama-documentary, written by Harri Virtanen and directed by Juha-Pekka Hotinen. It became a strong work of its own. Mäki has been concentrating on the questions of violence, society and power in his works. He has also done collaborations with Hotinen before. During the filming process Teemu Mäki and Anton Verho went to the actual places of the horrible events where the two mass murders of different times had been done (Bretagne and Utoya island). The peacefulness and the tranquility of the places gives a huge contrast to the big, unanswered questions of the events. According to Mäki the work tells about the fear towards the others, the hate towards women and the relation between the violence and pleasure. The script is based on the documents of the trials in 1835–1836 and 2011–2012, and the writings by the philosopher Michel Foucault. Mäki compares the work to directing an opera, where the soundtrack is already there but the mise-en-scene and the vision for the visuals in entirely free. The artist is present at the screening.

  • 18:00 DAVE IN PLANET STEREOSKOPIA (Dave Berg´s stereoscopic works) in Malmitalo Cultural Centre
  • Dave Berg is a visual artist and filmmaker, whose works show the emotions, dreams and symptoms in the individuals of our time with a slashing grip. Berg’s media vary from fiction feature films to virtual reality animations. This screening of his stereoscopic works stars with a music video for the song Nightmarie by You / Me. The visual material of this work was also shown in our AAVE 2015 festival trailer ( In the work Whatever II ”only Mary Poppins’ umbrella could prevent a whale from hitting you when it falls from the sky" as Pauliina Kaasalainen puts it. The work is about the shelters that we build to protect ourselves from the harsh events of a reality, set up in the dream world of an individual.

  • Berg´s No Names Beyond This Point is a surreal short film which works as "a prologue to one life", using the elements of a growth story and a survival story forms. The two last works of the screening belong to the ongoing Barbieworld Experience series. Barbieworld Experience part 1 – Overture and part 2 – Locus are overwhelming experiences of the interiors with furniture, cats and flying dishes defying the laws of gravity. In outside worlds all the vegetation with its plants, trees flower and grow, and waters flow in their incredible richness. The running woman with a totemic headpiece merges the mythological time with the dream world. The new world in the brink of it´s creation. The artist is present at the screening.

  • OBS! In the first edition of the catalogue there were some mistakes in screening times of Sunday in Malmitalo. They are all corrected in the website
  • and the time table in the page 11 gives you also the right times!

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