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Sokkialue - shock region


    Nomadic Academy of Experimental Arts invites you to a speech performance on the 1000049s art´s birthday
    Tuesday 17.1.2012 7pm - 7.30pm
    by Kari Yli-Annala
    Place: Katajanokan laituri, near Kanavaterminaali in Helsinki, Finland. if you play some music instrument bring it with you. You can also sing! Fold your own paper hat and bring it with you. There might be a
    cake too...

    Key words:
    Guggenheim galaxy,
    shock doctrine,
    emperor´s new clothes.

    WELCOME!, fuja(at)
    Call 0504318898 if you have trouble in finding us on the spot...

    "Art's Birthday" is an annual event first proposed in 1963 by French artist
    Robert Filliou.

    He suggested that 1,000,000 years ago, there was no art. But one day, on the
    17th of January to be precise, Art was born. According to Filliou, it happened
    when someone dropped a dry sponge into a bucket of water. Modest beginnings,
    but look at us now.

    Filliou proposed a public holiday to celebrate the presence of art in our lives.
    In recent years, the idea has been taken up by a loose network of artists and
    friends around the world. Each year the Eternal Network evolves to include new
    partners - working with the ideas of exchange and telecommunications-art.

    Artists have celebrated Art's Birthday with lavish parties and gatherings,
    correspondence and mailart, and through Telematic networks using SloScan TV,
    Videophones, music composed for telephone lines, modem-to-modem MIDI
    connections, early bulletin board and chat systems, and (starting in the mid
    1990's) the Internet.

    The Art´s Birthday website includes links to many of the participants from
    recent years, and an incomplete chronology of past events. This is the third
    year when Nomadic Academy takes part in Art´s Birthday.

    Other events of the International Art´s Birthday 2012 include:

    Absolute Value of Noise | Café ELF | Vancouver
    A generative audio stream of magnetic radiation from Solder & Sons (a local café
    + bookstore) will run from January 14, 2 am to January 20, 2 am.
    The café will be "visited" by an Extremely Low Frequency receiver that uses an
    antenna made from a bicycle wheel rim.
    The stream will be here
    Visit for more information.

    Video Pool Media Arts Centre presents: LITE NITE Art's Birthday 2012
    Art is 1,000 049 years old! Video Pool Media Arts Centre invites you to
    celebrate Art's Birthday  2012 on Tuesday January 17 6pm to Midnight local
    time. In collaboration with Ace Art Inc,  Platform Centre for Photographic + Digital Arts and CKUW 95.5 FM We invite you to celebrate  LITE NITE: ART’S BIRTHDAY 2012: an evening of light inspired installations, workshops, performances, silent auction and cake! Join us @ aceartinc.  2nd floor 290 McDermot Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

    Youth Cultural Center  joins celebration of ART'S BIRTHDAY 2012
    Youth Cultural Center from Skopje(Macedonia) joins the celebration of art! We
    have an all night film reviews, we have a theater performance "Institute"
    directed by Aleksandra Kardalevska, Poetic performance "Pesnilo" concert of
    Molokai, TB Tracheri and Sashko Kostov, art exhibition by Andrea Shimbov,
    and another theatrical performance "Vision" directed by Zlatko Slavenski. Happy
    Birthday Art!

    Andrea Felli / Roberto Paci Dalò / Leonardo Sonnoli | EVERYDAYJOHNCAGE LIVE |
    FAR Fabbrica Arte Rimini (I) January 17, 10 pm An audio-visual performance by
    Andrea Felli, Roberto Paci Dalò, and Leonardo Sonnoli hosted by FAR Fabbrica
    Arte Rimini. Within the EVERYDAYJOHNCAGE project: one year, every day, John
    Cage in Rimini. January 1 - December 31, 2012. Live stream:

    Kunstradio - Art's Birthday 50 years of Fluxus
    Kunstradio is celebrating in the Funkhaus Vienna together with Ben Patterson,
    Future Fluxus (Andreas Leo Findeisen and Markus Zimmermann, Angélica Castelló,
    God's Entertainment, Marko Košnik, ffid, Billy Roisz, Burkhard Stangl, dieb13,
    Gunter Schneider, Bernhard Loibner, Volkmar Klien, and many more...
    Please send your presents for Art!

    Klang Canteen/Kardomah/Perfomances
    Klang Canteen - A sound Exhibition Sat 14 - Sat 28 Jan. Elysium Gallery,
    Swansea. Théâtre de la Liberté in residency on Art's Birthday (17th). David
    Pitt Gongs, 28th Kardomah - 17th, evening event in Swansea's renowned cafe in
    association with Mission Gallery, Swansea: Read through out load in groups cafe
    scene scripts deposited on tables. Performances - Friday 13th, three lunchtime
    performances at Glynn Vivian gallery's offsite site at the YMCA: Matt

    Seven steps to prepare the Party. 16 January 2011! How to Organize a Birthday
    Party. The Day Before. Preparations Only! Okno decided this year to have all
    preparations ready, and then to go to a different place to party. Can we visit
    you the day after? On the 16th, from 8-9pm, please call in over skype,
    telephone... and show, explain, tell what you want to give to Art the next day
    when its birthday is all around (the world).

    Vier vrienden vieren kunst’ laatste verjaardag Four friends celebrating arts
    last birthday Quatre amis célébrant le dernier Vier Freunde feiern den letzten Geburtstag der Kunst Cuatro amigos celebrando el último cumpleaños del arte

    Czech Radio 3 Vltava / Art's Birthday 2012 from Brno
    January 17, 8 pm to January 17, 11 pm from The Brno House of Art. program and
    all info here:

    ROT'OX Salle du Délire Visuel: Anniversaire de l'Art
    1, rue de la Ferté-Milon, 30700 Uzès, France 11 am - 12 pm, anniversary party
    starts 9 pm Artistic action: guests perform with a crystal ball, are
    photographed and receive a signed print. Results will be exhibited on our web
    site. deLupa, the makers of ROT'OX, show their own Fluxus related objects and

    ZVO.ČI.TI. Collection - A podcast collection of Slovenian
    contemporary sound art, a stream by radioCona
    On Tuesday 17. 1. 2012 @, to celebrate and participate the Art's
    Birthday 2012, radioCona will stream the whole content of a 22 podcasts taken
    from a DVD release "ZVO.ČI.TI. Collection - A podcast collection
    of Slovenian contemporary sound art". A total of a 25 hours of sounds and
    interviews with slovenian sound artists. The promotion and official release of a
    DVD will be in Kinošiška, Ljubljana, Slovenia a day later - on
    Wednesday 18.1.2012 @ 8pm. A DVD is a final and physical reIntroduction
    (Home)sult of a three year podcast production for the art project radioCona -
    A Temporary Project Radio for Contemporary Arts. More informations and link to a
    stream: Produced by CONA Institute fro Contemporary
    Arts Processing (

    CiTR FM  24 Hours of Radio Art | Vancouver
    24 Hours of Radio Art will broadcast, Tuesday, January 17, 10 am to 10 am on
    CiTR 101.9 FM in Vancouver. That's Midnight to Midnight local time (PST).
    Listen online at and find our schedule for this special day.

    W2 Community Media Arts | Vancouver
    ARTMLKTEA - a conjunction of birthdays at W2 - #250-111 W Hastings Street ,
    Vancouver, BC, Canada January 14, 9 pm - 10 am (midnight PST) celebrate Martin
    Luther King's birthday with a 13 hour marathon film and video program.
    W2 is celebrating Art's Birthday on Sunday Afternoon, January 16, 12 am to 3 am
    January 17, 4 pm - 6 pm more Art's Birthday sounds on W2's Morning Radio Project
    on Coop Radio W2 is @

    Hank Bull and Friends, Vancouver
    Multi-lingual interactive readings of poems by Robert Filliou and Georges
    Brecht, set to music by Steve Lacy Vocals: Guadalupe Martinez
    Piano: Hank Bull Video: François Roux

    January 18, 6 am to 11 am Talent from The Banff Centre and The Bow Valley will
    be brought together to conjure a night of beauty, wonder and desire
    on the occasion of Art’s 1,000,049th birthday. Music, art, free cake and
    performances of all kinds. Visit The Banff Centre events page for details

    Art's Birthday at NAISA (Toronto)
    January 14, 5 pm to January 14, 7 pm - Rob Cruickshank creates a Carrot slide
    whistle and performs with it at the Farmer's Market.
    January 15, 7 pm to January 16, 12 am - Family fun and sound art with
    performances by MiMo, Rob Cruickshank, Build your own music instruments with
    Tilly Kooyman and more. January 18, 4 am to January 18, 6 am - Live re-mix at
    NAISA Webcast of NAISA's January 15th activities
    with otherArt's Birthday broadcasts from around the world.

    Art's Birthday Party/Radio Zero
    17th January in Lisbon we celebrate art's b'day party with a cake and a
    streaming performance in Lisbon. We will be also getting feeds from Amsterdam
    and Hong-Kong. The event will take place in an office/HQ/rehearsal space of a
    theater company, near the river, near bars, and loads of people, and trains and
    boats. We are pleased and welcome everyone to tune in on
    January 17, 11 pm to 2 am or drop by Teatro do Vestido at Travessa do Corpo
    Santo, 29 2º, Cais do Sodré, Lisboa, Portugal

    CFRC 101.9fm’s Art’s Birthday celebration | Kingston A day-long exploration of
    art on-air on January 17, 11 pm to 7 am via
    Including a live broadcast from the Artel, 205 Sydenham Street, between 2 am and
    6 am Featuring performances by local artists Decomposing Pianos, Happiness Is..,
    Neven Lochhead/Liam Cole, Andy Love, K.L. Sealegs, Lisa Aalders and David
    Woodward. The event at the Artel is free and all are welcome. Help us wish Art
    a happy 1,000,049th Birthday!

    EMMEDIA hosts ART'S BIRTHDAY 2012 in collaboration with M:ST and UAS | Calgary
    In celebration of this momentous occasion, EMMEDIA, in collaboration with M:ST
    Performative Art Society and Untitled Art Society,
    would like to invite you to participate in a series of generative and
    participatory installations that will activate spaces throughout
    our shared building on January 15, 4 am to 8 am. We will have sword fights,
    birthday hat making, a book launch, a video booth,
    zine making, psychics, and more! And of course, what's a birthday without CAKE!
    For detailed event listings, go to


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