Thursday, June 17, 2010

Aforismivideot nyt sekä Harakassa että Paimiossa

Kokeellisten taiteiden nomadisen akatemian aforismivideot Paimion aforismipäivillä 17. - 19.6. 2010

The aphorism videos made in Nomadic Academy are now in the program of the Aphorism days in Paimio 17. - 19.6.2010.

Aforismipäivillä 2010 työstetään omaa käsikirjoitusta, pohditaan julkaisemiseen liittyviä kysymyksiä ja tutustutaan maailmanaforistiikkaan.

About Aphorism video project in the Nomadic Academy of Experimental Arts

The forms of moving image works can be sometimes be compared to the forms of literature. It is possible to talk about poem video, cinépoem or novella video or film, essay video or essay film. Aphorism, fragment and serial aphorism are new members in this family of comparisons.

In the theory of literature aphorism belongs to the realm of prose; the rows are not verses. Aphorism is an idea expressed in a condensed, short form. In moving images this idea is told with takes or sequences, which become the montage that delivers this idea. However, even Sergei Eisenstein noticed when developing his concept of “intellectual montage” that people´s minds tend to go to their own directions. The question remains: is it possible to develop an open form of audiovisual aphorism?

Audiovisual aphorism brings together moving images, sounds and texts so that they together form an aphorism. It´s not a question of finding the right images for words but finding the right elements to create a complete aphorism expressed in audiovisual means. In one video the sentence “There is no enemy” connects to the images about the covered buildings, benji-jump and a huge advertisement poster of Nokia. The image about the clocktower in camouflage seems to ask “What´s the time of the moment?” But the painted clock has stopped, showing always the same numbers, as an image of mummified time. Maybe the aphorism could be smth like ´Benji-jumpers are the marionets of unstable conditions´.

(Kari Yli-Annala / The Nomadic Academy of Experimental Arts, Workshop on audiovisual aphorisms)

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