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10. heinäkuuta 2010
20:00 - 22:30
Suomesta Galleria
Potsdamer straße 91, Tiergarten
Berlin, Germany
Näytä kartta


There all all kinds of unexpected intertwinings around and inside our heads about which the world and our experience about it is made of. As the philosophers Russell and Whitehead proved around 1927, after realising that our understanding of physical and mental events is basically the same thing it is no use to go back to the good old mind and body division. It is only fair to say that in the experimental moving image works this "eventism" finds its best expression.


In the theory of literature aphorism belongs to the realm of prose; the rows are not verses. Aphorism is an idea expressed in a condensed, short form. In moving images this idea is told with takes or sequences, which become the montage that delivers this idea.

Screening: There is no enemy (2010)


EVENTS - selection of short video works

Matti Penttilä and Jussi Lehtisalo: AMBULANCE (Ambulanssi) (2010)
cacao powder 107, cabbage 41, kohlrabi 48, fish 164, the european flounder 179, chicken 152, egg 181, cranberry 90, gooseberry 95, castanea sativa 27, vegetable oil 100, out flour 6, biscuit18, cream 115, head lettuce 50, buttermilk 114, cherry 73, rusk 14.

Christopher Smith: MELAND (2010)
An exploratory journey through a mindscape, playing with
contrasting ideas of how we deal with time and space whilst in transit.

Anna Pesonen, HOUSE ON THE BEACH (2010)
The visual images represent post-tsunami state of being and the search of personal safety. There's no more actual threat, but the memory of fear is still present.

Janne Vuollet, THE FOREST (Metsä) (2010)
Two different forest experiences are settled side by side.

Saara Sillanpää, UNE PROMENADE (2010)
Une Promenade is a tranquil walk across different places

Kristina Seppänen, 514 (2010)

Johanna Laurila, WIND BELL II (Tuulikello II) (2010)
Second work in a series of works inspired by a spiral maze made of small stones known as jatulintarha ("giants guard") found nearby Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse in Finland. A light painting and animation based on photographing the led lights long exposure time. Originally part of an installation in a monitor, accompanied with spirals made of clay.


Jukka Hautamäki - IOKO

ioko is software developed with Max/MSP/Jitter. With ioko user
(artist) can simultaneously control both audio and visual (pictures,
video clips) output, do resampling and other live processing for audio
and visuals. User control can happen via keyboard, mouse, external
usb-controllers or sensors. ioko can also be used for producing audio and video clips for different purposes (music, VJing etc.).

In EVENTISM Jukka Hautamäki gives short introduction for ioko and
makes 15 minutes performance with the software.

Curated and presented by Kari Yli-Annala
(Nomadic Academy of Experimental Arts Helsinki)
together with


Janne Vuollet: METSÄ (The Forest)

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