Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A job offer for an animation artist / graphic designer with animation skills

Nicole Willis (, an american-born singer-songwriter living in Helsinki is looking for an artist that has skills to do an animation for a music video. Let us know (or you can also contact her directly), if you are a skilled animation artist and you´d think that you´d be a right person to get the job. Here is what she wrote:

"Our concept would be to present our graphics that will be designed for  our new album as well as still photography. We may also include some  of the graphics and photography from our prior album so that we take  advantage of the success of that artwork.

Our prior LP is Keep Reachin' Up released on Timmion Records, 2005. We  have had a nice underground success with that record and we would like  to have a music video ready for the release of our first single of the  coming album, hence using promotion in a timely manner and releasing 
the album in a multi-lateral fashion with a music video.

You may do a google search for images of Keep Reachin' Up and see the  artwork for that LP. We are hoping to work with the same team of Pablo Steffa on graphics and Mikko Ryhänen on photography. Our idea would be  to use lyrics in our graphic font with movement of the lyrics as the 
song progresses, set before some still photography that may change 
positions and turn.

This is an example of something that we might like it to resemble.

Good Feeling by Flo Rida Lyric Video

(...) The fee is negotiable, and we hope an experienced artist will be able
to estimate an appropriate fee to time put in in work."

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