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Hamletko? Ne! Hamletmasque? est Née! + 
Quelques minutes de soleil après minuit (a film performance by Xavier Quérel)

Nomadic Academy of Experimental Arts presents 
Hamletko?Ne!/ Hamletmasque? est née! + Quelques minutes de soleil après minuit by Xavier Quérel

Nomadic Academy of Experimental Arts and AAVE Circuits present:

A sound, image and voice (spoken word, singing) and film performance event in MAA-tila (Albertinkatu 19, Helsinki) Spoken word part mostly in Finnish, partly in English. 

The event includes an experimental interpretation of Heiner Müller´s theatre piece Die Hamletmaschine (1977).

to celebrate Art´s 1.000.053th Birthday
18::00 >

Performers (in alphabetical order):
Heidi Kilpeläinen (song performance, Ofelia)
Jarkko Räsänen (sound)
Kari Yli-Annala (Hamlet, Ofelia)

A film performance by Xavier Quérel from METAMKINE, one of the most interesting film performance combos in the world!



There will be cake and wine! 
METAMKINE (Xavier Quérel):
Heidi Kilpeläinen:
Jarkko Räsänen:


Grenoble based filmmaker Xavier Quérel makes and plays live film and light performances. A co-founder of the internationally renowned collaborative group Cellule d’Intervention METAMKINE, in his solo work traditional rules of light, sound and screen are blurred, flipped and stretched into a dreamy landscape of expanded cinema. The 16mm projector becomes an instrument played live before you, with Quérel creating dynamic yet ephemeral moments of joyful connection between audience and flickering celluloid. Star and Shadow Cinema - Newcastle.

Xavier Quérel (France) 
Xavier Quérel is a filmmaker based in Grenoble active in different fields of experimental cinema focusing on performance with light and film. Quérel considers the cinema projector as an instrument. Applying his experience in improvisation, he has developed idiosyncratic techniques and ingenious manipulations allowing him to play with the spontaneity of a musician. He plays with "La Cellule d'intervention METAMKINE", film/music performance based on improvisation, with Jérome Noetinger and Christophe Auger. He co-founded "L'Atelier MTK", a collective ‘handcraft’ cinema laboratory for experimental cinema techniques.
Taking part in a performance of expanded cinema means giving oneself up to the synaesthetic experience, setting aside the traditional rules of film language and developing a receptive attitude, free of critical criteria... Light is the starting agent of this chain reaction, the projector its tool.

"... 'Quelques minutes de soleil après minuit', the title chosen for this performance, is a moment in time disconnected from the daily rhythm of clocks and calendars, but instead connected to the heart and the mind. The collective subjective, described by Maya Deren as “the communication of art between those elements common to all people”, is the emotional invention which Xavier is able to transmit; interacting with him and establishing this dynamic and empathetic relationship is to create together a brief moment of affirmation and universal joy."
Raphaella Mora, Independant Film Show, Napoli.

Come and sit on the margins of traditional rules of cinema. Of course the basics are present: light, shutter, sound, screen, eye, brain, imagination. But conventions are overturned. The device is reversed, the projector becomes an instrument and the projectionist plays live in front of you. "Few minutes of sun after midnight" offers a unique experience. The precision of movements unfolds a universe on the edge, between dream and reality, intimacy and chaos. Celluloid teases you, wild and fleeting. Fluxus saturate. Suspension, fragile silence. Flashes wake, the mechanical devices scream.
Our retinas become unfaithful and let themselves drown in a pure and ephemeral moment.
"Quelques minutes de soleil après minuit" is a cinema/sound/light performance. I play live with a 16mm film projector, few microphones, a torch light and objects. I set-up in front of the audience, facing them (like a musician). I project films onto a small screen (A4 format), but there are moments when light manipulations are reflected in the whole room. I work with my own films, it's non-narrative, mostly abstract even if I like to bring human shape appearances in that imaginary landscape. Sound is a kind of mechanical electroacoustic. I use different microphones (contact, guitar pick up..) to amplify or distort sounds from the projector itself.
I play with the rhythm, intensity of light, color and B/W, lens, prism, shadows, flickering strong light, slow burning, punk feedback, soft frequency, ambiant "hum", crazy mechanic.....
I propose to excite, shake your imagination and hope you'll build your own weired dreamy story...
"Encore quelques minutes de soleil après minuit
Les flashs se réveillent et le moteur crie.
Io se rebelle - de nos corps inflammables - mono solo -
Pour assouvir le vertige électrique du Chaos
Pellicule allumeuse, sauvage et passagère,
Saturation des flux, volcane et suspension
Vibrer au son des loupes - en boucle -
Encore quelques minutes de soleil après minuit
Les pupilles deviennent infidèles
Et se laissent noyer dans un pur éphémère."

Xavier Quérel uses the 16mm projector as a musical instrument, a luminous light source emitting both sound and image mixed together in live improvisation. Images are masked, deformed and fused; films scratched, defiled and coloured - offering a vast palette of material for improvisation.
For this workshop Quérel will introduce participants to the projector as a magic box for improvising with sound/noise and image/light. Participants will play with scratching and hand manipulating found footage, as well as create handmade photograms and hand processed images.

Participants will develop ways of playing and interacting with the 16mm film projector - practicing projection manipulations with loops and objects, and using contact microphones to amplify the sounds of the projector’s mechanics. To complete the workshop, participants will play solo, duo or big band to bring alive expanded projection and aural improvisations.

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