Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Join and Play in the Artists Orchestra of Finland!


Join and Play in the Artists Orchestra of Finland! A unique one-time performance at KIASMA Theater at 2pm on November 13, 2010.

Shinji Kanki, a Japanese composer (http://silakka.fi/), is looking for as many artists (working with any arts) as possible to form a temporal orchestra in order to realize his newest composition "The Art of War - War Symphony".

Instruments required are

Your everyday listening system, such as recordplayer, c-cassette player, radio, mp3 player (with speakers), etc. You would read simple instructions how to "PLAY" your listening system. Erkki Pirtola conducts the orchestra and Kalle Leino, a young painterplays drum as soloist. The estimated numbers of the orchestra playersneeded are between 60 - 100!

The performance date: November 13, 2010 Saturday 2pm at KIASMA  Theater ->http://www.kiasma.fi/index.php?id=2642! The rehearsal date: November 7, 2010 Saturday 4pm at  Kuvataideakatemia lobby
Contact: Egle Odd,
email: egodit@gmx.net
Shinji Kanki, email: kanki@silakka.fi

__________________________________________________________________________Overview of the composition

THE ART OF WAR - WAR SYMPHONY THEMEThe 7th chapter "Military combat", from PinYin, The Art of War, by Sun  Tzu:The chapter explains the dangers of direct conflict and how to win thoseconfrontations when they are forced upon you."Move as swift as a wind,stay as silent as forest, attack as fierce as fire, undefeatable defenselike a mountain."

Divided to the left orchestra (=troop); the right orchestra (numbers  evenly)
In the center back: Drums(Drum player)
In the center front: Conductor (Director General)


1. Prelude
The stage curtain (=the huge screen on which the image of the theatrecurtain is projected) opens gradually such as a national flag raisingslowly in a ceremony.
The troops, drummer and the conductor should be ready behind the  curtain.
Play the recording of the Voigt / Finska rytteriets marsch (+ Japanese  TAIKO)

2. The movements (No breaks between=Attacca)
NOTE: The short text for the each movement mentioned below should be  saidloud in Chinese by the Conductor before the each movement starts!

THE 1ST MOV. Let your rapidity be that of the windrapid movement in ppControl the left and right troops in sequence, then TUTTI. The detailedinstruction later.

THE 2ND MOV.stay as silent as forest Cage's 4'33" QUOTATION -> but not divided to 3 movements. Just one longsilence

THE 3RD MOV.In raiding and plundering be like fire, attack as fierce as fire
TUTTI around BEAT (by DRUM) The detailed instruction later.

THE 4TH MOV.be immovable like a mountain
TUTTI, Just keep playing!
NOISE, Feedback added! The detailed instruction later.

In the end:
FREDRIK PACIUS (Immigrant composer!!): MAAMME
SING TOGETHER AS VICTORY SONG! (Homage to Juice Leskinen) _____________________________________________
Shinji Kanki
SILAKKA Productions
http://silakka.fi kanki(at)silakka.fiRannikkolaivurintie 1700850 HelsinkiFinlandmobile +358-40-7449267 _____________________________________________

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