Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bad news

 As the result of the competition in demoscene event Alternative Party in 2009 which was won by Jani ”Virne” Lainesalos concept Bad News, a robot newsreader in Yleisradio's (Finland's national public service broadcasting company) website reads the current news live from the RSS-newsfeed, reading them with the help of eSpeak-generator.
YLE v20.2.0 on visio kiihtyvään kustannustehokkuuteen sopeutuneesta tulevaisuuden Yleisradiosta. | Bad News

    •  The news are claimed to be from the year 20.2.0 and commented in a laconic way, which creates both a critical and comical distance. According to the story in the website in the year 2020 the second goverment under the prime minister Katainen (he is the current right-wing minister of treasury) ”decided to outsource all of Yles activity. Everything was competed according to the all EU² -regulations. The criteria were the quality, trustworthiness, innovativity and the price, the price and the price. Completely unknown service provider Chair, Man & Board promised everything half price. The former main building was made into a chickenhouse and all the activities were moved to storage room in a row house in Hämeenlinna.”

      We can also read that after the success of YLE v20.2.0 the dominating media house Sanoma Oy and commercial television media company MTV3 (not the music telvision MTV) are complaining that this renewal of YLE distorts the competition.

      Making a hommage to Paul Verhoevens ironical science fiction film Starship Troopers, the website provides then a link ”Would you like to know more?” from where you can access more information about Lainesalos project in finnish.

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