Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hey all,

Welcome to the opening of two group exhibitions in Helsinki, both with also simple works made in Nomadic Academy, using the recycled (partly ready made) materials and method of instant installation.


Basically a rugsack filled with sound...

in the exhibition MATERIA 

in Harakka island, boat goes from the pier by Cafe Ursula in Kaivopuisto appr. every half an hour -- the info is unfortunately only in finnish and swedish at the moment.

Welcome! Opening today at 17-20!



made of cardboard, plastic "tongue", little bit extended painting, text and a small radio



in Oksasenkatu 11

Opening tomorrow at 19-22!



In my work "Coverage" I created a light-hearted presentation of the "travelling sound" meeting different bodies during its journey. The sound and matter coexist, but in different categories, so it all comes back to that how we define them in whatever scale or framing. Sound is basically energy, but needs some material involvement. Even in space, which is almost a vacuum, there is some resonance in magnetoacoustic waves. In phenomenological aesthetics (B.Baas) the concept of "pure resonance", a word borrowed from the physics, can mean a kind of "arch-sonority", an incorporation of the sound which shows way for experiencing or imagining that which goes beyond the sense. Basically, you need bodies for the sound.

The spoken text in “Walsflower (Walser + flow)” was originally published in “Aufträge” (1913) by Robert Walser. My work combines the spoken version with a cardboard-sketch that looks like a badly-made cardboard-version of the human-eating flower from Roger Corman´s famous B-movie Little Shop of Horrors (1960) or it´s remake (1986). The text describes a fantasy about a curtain raiser (a short play or scene before the actual play starts), combining carnal imagery and the idea of the heterosexual romance produced in the dream factories (a stage spectacle, if you want... from Wagner to Hollywood to Fellini to Debord). You can find the text here... My voice reading the text has been altered to change it unrecognizable. It has become a sound that grasps a new body or has a fake, manufactured origin in the organless body of an artwork.

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"You are a teacher?""Part-time." - Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

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