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@ Bio Rex, Lasipalatsi, Helsinki
17:00 – 20:00 // € 7
Think about what human life will be like in 100 years, 2.000 years and 50.000 years. Now consider the fact that in Finland experts claim that it is possible to build a nuclear waste facility deep in the Finnish bedrock, which will last 100.000 years and safely contain the toxic junk of modern society into what seems to be eternity.
It is a pretty interesting thought and they are in fact building it at this very moment.
No matter if you’re for or against nuclear power, the questions that Danish filmmaker Michael Madsen wants us to consider are rather essential and have never been discussed with as much urgency in Finland as right now:
Is it morally right to make potentially fatal decisions on behalf of future generations? How do we prevent the radioactive waste from being disturbed by ‘grave robbers’ or natural catastrophe? Is it safer to try to make the world forget or should we pass on the information about what we have done, so the future can deal with it?
After the film there will be a panel discussion with the Onkalo waste facility representatives, politicians, philosophers and as well as the director of the film who will be present via skype.
Into Eternity – Special Screening on Facebook (in Finnish)
Into Eternity the Movie
For the activist in you there will be a demonstration preceding the screening. (Both facebook and web page in Finnish and Swedish only)

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