Sunday, April 4, 2010

Guattari Masterclass in Turku by Mollecular organisation

The fourth workshop series of the Guattari Master Class “Exhausted subject, impossible community” focuses on the conceptual adventures of the subject in the past fifty years of European critical thought and the present precarization of the subject. For Bifo recombination is the technical form of the labor process in the digital environment. Recomposition means the social and cultural process enabling the fragments of labor and of general intellect to become conscious subjectivity. The recombinant form of the labor process has changed the social landscape in such a way that any social conscious recomposition seems impossible. Migrants, precarious workers, cognitive workers. They share the same condition of weakness, at different degrees, but they are unable to find a common ground of solidarity and fight. This un-recomponibility is the effect of the fractalization and precarization of labor made possible by the digitalization of the production process. The virtualization of the social production seems to be destroying the prerequisites of living relationship, absorbing and neutralizing the living energies of the cognitive workers. Also the experience of the first decade of the century, the experience of the global movement against capitalist globalization seems to imply the uncomponibility of labor, and the impossibility of social autonomy.

The economic recession is not only the effect of the financial craziness, but also of this de-vitalization of the social field. The psychotic boom of panic and depression, and the general decline in social desire, and in empathy. This is why the economic collapse is also the collapse of the economic epistemology. Economics cannot understand the depth of the crisis, because below the crisis of the financial exchange there is the crisis of the symbolic exchange. The question that rises from the collapse is so radical that the answer cannot be found in the conceptual framework of economics.

Is the recomposition process, conscious collective subjectivation, at all possible in this new condition, the condition of recombinant capital?


6-7.4.2010 First seminar with Bifo: Historical Context and Concepts

Turun yliopisto, Taidehistoria. Sirkkalan kasarmi, esikuntarakennus (punainen), 2 krs. Kaivokatu 12

Tuesday 6.4. Historical context

The history of the movement in the 20th century and the process of subjectivation. No global justice, ethical movement without process of social subjectivation. The first decade of the new century, by a political and social point of view: the no global movement, the experience of the social forum in the world. The birth of “precarious and cognitive movement” and its political weakness. What did not work? Bifo’s participation in this process: the experience of from summer 2000 to summer 2009. The conclusion of the experience: failure or a success? Theoretical core: the problem of subjectivation and the problem of rekombination and recomposition.

10-12 Seminary part 1 (Bifo)

12-13 Lunch

13-15 Seminary part 2

15-17 Afternoon break, film screening

17-19 Questions of mollecular organization (Molle) I: Working to map the mechanisms of production of value and new forms of control which have spread into our mental environments, Guattari master class has ended up deep in questions of molecular and micro-political organization. What interesting emerged for example from our encounters with Bifo, Sakari Hänninen, Bracha Ettinger, Brian Massumi, Erin Manning, Gary Genosko and the Ueinzz theatre company last year? What was interesting, what might work and what not, in terms of our molecular organization?

19- Dinner

Wednesday 7.4. Concepts

A philosophical re-examination of the concept of subject, from Hegel to the European radical thought of the late 20th century. What is the meaning of this concept? Etymology. Subject to what? Hegel (Phanomenologie das Geistes): Truth, Wholeness and Subject. The come back of Hegel in the marxism of the 20th century. Structural marxism and subjectivist marxism. Kojeve Hyppolite, Marcuse, Adorno and the dialectics of subject. Krahl and the concept of Technische Wissenschaft Intelligenz is anticipating the notion of cognitive labor. Individuation, subjectivity, singularity. Body without organs. The concept of social class.

10-12 Seminary part 3

12-13 Lunch

13-15 Seminary part 4

15-17 Afternoon break, film screening

17-19 Questions of mollecular organization II

19- Dinner

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